New paleo cookbook

Didn’t go to FCCF today (I have been going M, Th and Sat) but I did try two recipes from Practical Paleo for dinner.  Made the Zucchini Pancakes and the Sautéed Cabbage with Onions and Apple.  They were both awesome, it was actually a lot of food and would have been very low point value if I had still been doing Weight Watchers. (Like 4 points!)  Then I finished the pint of ice cream that was in the freezer, Lol!  That would have been more points!  Gotta get rid of all that stuff before 9/15 though.  I will probably just end up throwing out the hamburger and sub rolls in the freezer, but there isn’t that much ice cream – there was less than half of the one and there is about 3/4 of another. I will miss ice cream….


9/1 Another good workout!

We had to run in warm up, but I felt better again – don’t know what was up last week that I felt so blah, and no, it wasn’t THAT.  The workout was Dips, which are hard, but I feel like I did a lot better than the last time we did them.  I think this was only the second or third time I have done them, but I definitely feel like I did better than last time.  Still used a double band, but did more of them.  We also did Sit Ups, Dumbbell cleans (10 lbs) , Jump rope (I am way better at jump roping than I was a month ago, no doubt!) Slam Balls and Rowing. I had a real Paleo breakfast – eggs friend in bacon grease, a small tomato and half an avocado.  I don’t feel super hungry – had a glass of almond milk and I think I’ll be good for another hour or so until lunch 🙂


Really good workout today – we did not run in the warm up, I wonder how much that had to do with me feeling more energetic for the actual workout, lol! The warm up was jump roping 30 times, I actually did the first round straight through – woo hoo! The second and third rounds I got my feet caught a little more, but that’s OK. We also did push ups and I actually can do 5 from the ground, who knew? The workout itself was agility ladder hopscotch – I have gotten way better at the agility ladder since the beginning. Shoulder Presses – Did 10# for the first two, then 5 for the last one. Weighted lunges with a 10 lb barbell overhead – I can also tell I am doing these better. Sit ups, which I am fairly good at, slam balls and then planks. Planks are way hard. I should practice them on my off days. Seriously – I should either run or bike and do planks and squats. It wouldn’t take that long.

I also talked to Jeff about doing the food challenge that starts 9/15 – no cheating, they are hardcore here! It’s a national competition and FCCF won a regional last year, so they take it very seriously – you’re all in or don’t do it! I think I will go to Barnes and Noble in a bit and look at Paleo cookbooks. Apparently you can use almond flour to make bread! Also, you are allowed 6 oz of wine per day. Unfortunately, you cannot save it up and splurge on the weekend. That’s in the FAQ so I am not the only one who wondered!

Feeling very energetic, I bet the dogs would like to go for a walk 🙂

8/28 – 1st Real Cross Fit class!

there were only two of us for the 4:00 Boot Camp class today so Laura asked if we wanted to try tot he Cross Fit class, which was also a fairly small group. The other girl (who is younger and fitter than I) kind of hesitated so I said that I would love to try it. She agreed right away, so I think she was trying to be polite 🙂 It was fun – it was what they call Tabata, which is named after someone, maybe the guy who came up with the format…? anyway, we did 4 rounds of Slam balls – basically take a rubber ball that is a little smaller than a basketball, (I used a 10 lb one) squat, slam (or touch) the ball to the floor without looking down because then you lose your good squat position, then stand up bringing the ball to your chest, then raise it above your head. Repeat for as many reps as you can for 20 seconds, then get a 10 second break. Do that for 4 rounds, then switch to kettle bell swings, again as many as possible in 20 seconds, then a 10 second break and do that for a total of 4 rounds. Then a 5 minute break, woo hoo!

Then we did alternating 7 barbell snatches and 60 jump ropes for 5 minutes. I got through exactly 2 sets, lol! Then we got a 5 minute break. I needed it!

Then we had to do 4 rounds of push ups (I do mine from a bar, not off the ground, lol! Then sit ups – same thing – as many as possible for 20 seconds, then a 10 sec break, 4 rounds each. The another 5 minute break, then rowing for calories for 5 minutes. It was fun – I had a total score of 221, not great, but certainly not too shabby for my first class!


No new milestones, but haven’t missed a class. I am debating if I want to start CrossFit next month when my current Boot Camp membership is up. There is a food challenge starting 9/15, which is actually the day my BC month expires. It’s whole foods and Paleo – no dairy 😦 I need to lose weight though. I have a couple of weeks to think about it!

8/11 and 8/14/14

No milestones on Monday, but a new fun (read with heavy sarcasm)exercise – Burpee broad jumps! Because Burpees (aka squat thrusts) and broad jumps aren’t awesome enough separately, put them together! Do a burpee, then a standing broad jump across a three foot mat, then turn around and do it again! For a minute… I managed to do a few. The burpees were actually easier than the broad jump – I have avoided high impact stuff for the last 20 years! The good news is that I have been a wuss about high impact activities – my feet, ankles and knees have not disintegrated, nor am I feeling any lasting ill effects anywhere else 🙂

Milestone today – I actually did box jumps! It was a small class so I pushed my box over to a stack of round barbell weights. I kept my hand on the stack for the first couple to stabilize myself, then realized I could actually jump unassisted. I am pretty psyched – that’s been a major fear for me, that I will try to jump and crash my feet into the side of the box and really get hurt. Running was not part of the warm up, but I made myself go out and do one lap.

So – after one month I am definitely feeling a difference. Signed up for a second month so it will be interesting to see if I feel as big of a difference again a month from now. I am sure it would help a lot if I could get a little more serious about losing weight. Having tomato cucumber salad for dinner, it’s delicious, but I don’t think it’s going to hold me. Nothing thawed and I had peanut butter for lunch and dinner. I really should go grocery shopping tonight, yuck. I probably won’t.

Saturday 8/9

Should have done this yesterday – it gets hard to remember! Let’s see – Warm Ups included the 200 meter run, seemed a little harder, I am guessing the wine I had Friday night may not have helped me have the best possible workout on Saturday morning, lol! But since I already ran all three rounds on Thursday, couldn’t sandbag now!

The workout was rowing on the machine (I like that!) Push-ups (still do them from a bar, haven’t even tried to do a real one on the ground yet!) Jumping Pull Ups (pretty much a pull up, but it’s more about the jumping than pulling up with your arms. They’re hard, I did them first, I like starting at the hardest station.) Also Sit-ups, Jump Rope and Squats. This was my 4th Saturday class and the first one that wasn’t full. There were only 3 of on Thursday. It will be interesting to see tomorrow evening – I bet it will be full though. I did better at jumping rope too – I really am not good at the things where I have to really get my feet up off the ground – have avoided high impact stuff for years. I am sure losing 20 or 30 pounds would help. Or more…