Went to class on Friday and yesterday.  Yesterday was Team Workout – I had a great partner, she is younger than I am and did Cross Fit before, but is just coming back after a year or so, so is not up to full capacity yet.  She will probably be way ahead of me in another month, but that’s OK 🙂

I made a ton of meals today – Mashed Faux-tatoes from Practical Paleo – I put them with the leftover Italian sausage from yesterday; Brussels Sprouts and Bacon – will put that with pork tenderloin that I will cook tonight when I make our chicken for dinner.  That’s a total of 8 meals, made a breakfast casserole http://ourfullplate.com/recipes/my-new-paleo-pork-sausage-veggie-and-egg-breakfast-casserole/ that is absolutely delicious – so got breakfast covered for the week and since there are 4 chicken leg quarters, there will be two for leftovers.  I also have a package of hamburgers for 2 nights of dinner this week.  Threw out the old hotdog and hamburger rolls that were in the freezer, the last of the sour cream (it was still good, but is a no-no during the Challenge) and we have 9 hard-boiled eggs and half-a dozen raw ones.  I think I will be in good shape for food this week!

Trying to motivate myself to see how far I can run.  so far 1/8 of a mile is it.  It’s 1/3 up to the main road form the house, I am thinking I will try to go up and back at least every other day and see if I can run a little further each time.  Unfortunately, the dogs really, really want to go for a walk and will think that’s what we’re doing if I put on shoes.  Bill ran a bunch of errands and visited his parents earlier and has a few things to do before we can walk them.  I want to assure them we will walk them, just not right now.  I don’t think they’ll listen to me though….


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