9/9 – Last Boot Camp class today!

I did 4 days in a row and am done with Boot Camp, woo hoo!  Last night was brutal, Monday nights usually are.  We did Slam Balls, Medicine Ball carries, Burpees, Kettle Bell Swings, Upside down Rows and Agility Ladders.  Very cardio intensive.  We also had to run during warm ups, although I am finding I am not quite as winded after the third one 🙂

Today there were only two of us and two instructors, so that was very cool 🙂  We did Jump Rope, Squats and Rowing, Kettle Bell Swings, Push Ups and Sit Ups.  And no running in warm up )  Bill is making chicken breast on the grill, asparagus and salad for dinner, awesome!

I am giving myself a day of rest tomorrow, but have to go in for the meeting for the people doing the Paleo Challenge.  Will do my first official Cross Fit class Thursday.


And Melanie – I remember you did Tough Mudder last year so you are waaaay ahead of me 🙂  50 is the next 40? Hell, let’s go for 30!


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