Big Weekend 9/6 and 9/7

Front9-6 Side 9-6Did Boot Camp yesterday and the Cross Fit Fundamentals class.  I was happy that I wasn’t too wiped out after BC, sweaty, but what else is new? 🙂  I also went to BC today – so two days in a row, yay me! I have two BC classes left on my membership, then will start doing Cross Fit.  My plan is to go tomorrow evening and Tuesday afternoon and then start Cross Fit on Thursday. we’ll see if I can do 4 days in a row, lol! If not, I can go Wed evening. I had Bill take pictures of me yesterday, so I have before pics.  The Paleo Challenge starts a week from tomorrow (9/15) and they will be taking pictures and measurements, but I wanted to have some of my own. Looking forward to starting although I will miss cheese and Diet Coke!


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